The location should not set bonsai in the house

Choosing a location to set the bonsai not only helps bring the beauty of the home that must first help the tree grow normally in the home environment.

Do not place plants in poor lighting

Green plants have enough light to photosynthesize. With good photosynthesis, the root system of the new plant grows firmly, bringing the inherent beauty of the plant. Combining light with a diet for plants helps the plant to grow and fight off insects as well as external factors that affect plants.

Do not place plants near heat sources

The heat is near the kitchen, near the lighting equipment. Trees need light, but most plants in the house do not grow well in a hot environment, so if we plant trees in places like this will cause the plants to fade.

Do not place trees where children can intervene

Young children are often curious about everything in life, so if you place the tree within reach of a child, the child will ruin the leaves of the plant, even to break the plant. Not only affects the development of plants but also causes accidents for children.

Do not place plants in direct sunlight

Indoor plants are mostly shade-tolerant trees that need light, but this is not as harsh as direct sunlight, especially during hot weather. Hot sun will burn the leaves, thereby losing its inherent beauty.

Place trees in a convenient place for us to take care of

Placing trees in these places will be easy for us to take care of the trees, ensuring that we do not forget to water it, to infect the leaf, damage the tree, regularly keep an eye on the growth of the tree.

In order for the bonsai tree to grow well, the place to place the plants is a concern, we just need to do well the things we mentioned in this article, the problem will be resolved.

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